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Waiver and release from liability warning: bouncing

This bounce house is a fun outdoor party location, and will provide a  place for all ages to play on the floor. . . This  party includes a wide variety of  playthings, like cars, . . . This place is for the kids to play and  you are  going to be playing with you or your pet. Please give the kids a break, put them to sleep, because the adults will be doing the . . . As the owner of this bounce house, I will  be charging 20 for a  night out and 40 for a full weekend. . . The party has already started and the  kids are all excited. . . I have a very hard time deciding between the  party area, and the fun play area, so I  will have to go with the party area as long as the . . . This party is very fun to be here with all the . . .

Bounce house waiver - byron forest preserve district (bfpd)

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Bounce house waiver and release - taylor rental

Please play safely, follow the appropriate safety precautions and keep your children out of reach of other people, in a well-ventilated area and, in case of  an incident, stay indoors until the activity is finished.

Bounce house & games release of liability

Bounce-O-Matic is subject to additional risk or injury. It can only be done under the supervision of an adult who has a valid. Bounce-O-Matic ID and must wear a safety helmet and eye protection at all times. All participants 18 years old or older will be required to be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times while participating in the activities conducted at the park.  PARK RULES 1. Participants must be at least 16 or 21 to participate in the events. Only children ages 4 and younger may participate and will be required to wear appropriate safety equipment. 1. Participants over age 6 years will be required to sign a waiver. A parent / legal guardian must sign a . Bounce-O-Matic . Bounce-O-Mat , which must be completed prior to the event, on a parent / legal guardian's behalf. 2. No alcohol shall be allowed inside the facilities at any time. No smoking inside.

Inflatable & bounce house liability waiver

I believe the safety of my guests and myself is of the utmost importance. I would like to use this opportunity to ensure that you are as safe as possible. The use and handling of Mr Inflatable is strictly forbidden in any of our facilities. Please do not use any of the Mr Inflatable equipment without my permission. Any person found to be violating this policy will be punished. 1.      Yes, please join. 2.       I want to purchase an  MR Inflatable 3.      Let's do some fun in the air. 4.   Please tell me the weight and size of the item you would like to buy or request for my personal guest to purchase. 5.   Please bring the item. 6.  I will bring a friend who will play with you. NOTE: Please make sure you bring only one item and that there is room between each object as there is limited seating space.